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As of January 31st the balance on our Capital Campaign loan was down to $283,937.15. We have paid down our $1.3 million loan by over $1 million!

Gracious and loving God,
you have invested so much in us. Your blessings are bountiful and your gifts are generous beyond our understanding. We give thanks for your spirit of selfless giving and lift our voices in praise of your holy name. This special campaign touches our hearts because it is our investment, not only in our future but also in yours. In this time of challenge and opportunity give us wisdom of generosity that reflects your gifts. Remind us, O God, that stewardship is a lifestyle choice based on remembering who we are and remembering our God who gave us life. Remain in our midst and guide us. May our gifts bring joy for generations to come. Make us stewards, Lord. Make us stewards. Amen.

Youth Team Prayer
Loving God, thank you for all that you provide for us.  Thank you for this wonderful, warm, safe building where we can meet friends and learn about you and your son, Jesus. Thank you for the teachers and programs that help guide us along the path you want us to follow.  As we grow, please help us better understand our roles both in this church family and in the larger communities where we live. Help us to become responsible Christians, to grow closer to you each day, and to live according to your teaching. Amen.

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First Christian Church History:

1880    First Christian Church is founded.

1937    Church is struck by lightning and burns to ground.

1938    New church building is dedicated.

1947    Mortgage is paid off and church is debt-free.

1960    Church dedicates new fellowship hall, classrooms, office suite and sanctuary entrance.

1961    Fire destroys new building. Church votes to buy property on Gage and sell existing property.

1963    Fellowship Hall and education building are dedicated at 1880 SW Gage Boulevard.

1969    New sanctuary is dedicated.

1976    Mortgage is paid in full and church is debt-free.

2008    Three-year capital campaign begins to fund new gathering space. Church raises $626,000.

2011    Second three-year capital campaign launches to pay down the gathering space debt.

The Challenge:

Our current capital campaign will conclude in May 2014. At that time, funds for our $11,000 monthly mortgage payment will be depleted. In order to continue paying off our debt, we would like to begin a new three-year capital campaign in May 2014. At that time, we will have approximately $767,000 remaining to pay off our mortgage.

The Method:

In May, 2013, Church Development of Kansas City, Missouri, was engaged to conduct a Feasibility Study. A feasibility study will indicate the readiness of our church for a new capital campaign in May 2014. Church Development is a stewardship-based organization that has assisted more than 200 churches in the past 20 years in capital campaign planning and management. The feedback we receive from the feasibility study will assess the giving potential in the church and give insight on how best to plan and manage a capital campaign. Church Development will also assist the church in ongoing stewardship education and in developing a planned giving program.

The Urgency:

  • Throughout our history, First Christian Church has been faithful in paying off its building loans.
  • Paying off our $767,000 mortgage in the next three and a half years, will save the church as much as $ 100,000 in interest.
  • Paying off our mortgage in the next three and a half years will eliminate the necessity of a fourth capital campaign and end the $11,000 mortgage payment.

Our thanks to David Bryan and Margie Rogers for the photos.