Buy the Case: Week of October 4

food for doorstep_72Buy the Case continues throughout the month of October–First Christian Church’s campaign to fill Doorstep’s food pantry this month!

Pictured are the “Buy the Case” cases of food that your donations provided last year. 

How does Buy the Case work?  Anyone who wants to participate can place their monetary contribution in an envelope with a “shopping list” included, and a team of volunteers from the church does the grocery shopping.  Look for the yellow envelopes in the pews, fill out your “shopping list”, and place your donation in the offering plate–it’s as simple as that!  Whether you prefer to do your own grocery shopping and bring your food donations by hand to the church, or to simply fill out an envelope with a shopping list, every gift helps fill Doorstep’s food pantry.
So far, we have raised $1,353 for Buy the Case.  Let’s “Buy the Case” to fill Doorstep’s food pantry this October!